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A lake that commands your attention, an island that will capture your heart! Together, Rainy Lake and Campfire Island offer a unique combination of first-class accommodations, some awesome fishing for small-mouth bass and northern pike, and a sense of remote serenity. Whether it be a corporate fishing getaway, or a group of avid anglers, let our all-inclusive guided fishing package be your ticket to some of the best bass fishing and northern pike angling that Ontario has to offer.

IN-FISHERMAN magazine describes Rainy Lake as an explosive Fantastic Smallmouth Fishing on Rainy Lake as an explosive small-mouth lake that has not reached its top end yet. Rainy Lake is a big lake - however, there are countless numbers of islands and bays to break up the expanse. The long fingers of water that make up the various "arms" of Rainy Lake support an underwater structure that never quits. The reefs and drop-offs are unbelievable!

Towns & Cities: Fort Frances

Lakes & Rivers: North Arm - Rainy Lake, Rainy Lake

Announcements: Rainy Lake fishing at its best!

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