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Northwest Ontario's Sunset Country is known throughout North America as Canada's premier fishing destination for good reason! There are thousands of pristine crystal-clear lakes and rivers Teaching the Kids how to Fish supporting fish populations in great numbers and size. It is a simple fact that there are more lakes and rivers than people in Ontario's Sunset Country! It a destination sure to catch the fancy of every avid fishing enthusiast.

This is a place where you have an excellent chance at catching a trophy-size muskie or northern pike. You can spend the day fighting feisty small mouth bass or you can find some of the best walleye and lake trout fishing on the continent.

Have you ever considered owning your own lake for a week? With our fly-in fishing adventures in Sunset Country that is exactly what you can experience. We are the location of your dreams. Imagine you and your party, no neighbours, and a lake full of fish! Many of our fishing parties return year after year. They tell stories of how, at the end of the day, they had reeled in more fish than they knew what to do with. It's an experience that beats any day at the office; that's for sure!

Have an unparalleled fishing adventure! To enhance your fishing experience, we offer a vast selection of lodges, resorts and fly-in outposts to accommodate your holiday needs. We have 300 members who can provide you with the service and selection that suits your tastes and budget! Many of our lakes are road accessible so that you have an endless number of lakes and rivers to explore during your vacation. To accommodate those anglers who love to camp, we have over 80 members with excellent campground facilities. For a refreshing change, try a weeklong houseboating getaway / angling adventure and immerse yourself in a unique outdoor experience.

Why is the fishing so great? It remains great because, as a group, we are dedicated to managing our fisheries for the long-term gain of the fish and the people. While you are always welcome to take home your legal limit and enjoy the mouth-watering delicacy of a Canadian shore lunch, we encourage you to practice catch and release techniques. This will ensure there are fish to fight another day. Catch and release also means more trophy-size fish available to all! Conservation guarantees that the fishing adventure you enjoy will be as good or even better an experience for our children in the future.

What you've heard about great fishing in Canada is true. And it gets no better than in Northwest Ontario's Sunset Country! 

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