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Guardian Eagle Resort [Website | Summary]
With our air service 2 hours after leaving a major metropolitan area, filled with the sounds of honking horns & jammed freeways, you'll be in the rugged wilderness of Ontario. And, within the next hour, you'll be ready to fish our remote fly-in lake.
807-737-1113 or 800-465-3844

Northwest Flying Inc. [Website | Summary]
Family owned & operated, Northwest Flying has been servicing Northwestern Ontario for over 40 years. Our fleet of aircraft consist of a Cessna 180, DeHavilland Beaver, DeHavilland Otter & Beechcraft 18. See our website for Charter Air Services rates.
807-484-2126 or 800-461-2126

Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts [Website | Summary]
We are a fully licensed Air Service which can fly you to any fly in outpost destination in Canada. Our immaculate fleet of float equipped aircraft consist of a Beech-18, Cessna 185, Cessna 206, DeHavilland Beaver, Single Otter & Turbine.

Halley's Camps, Inc. [Website | Summary]
River Air, a charter air service, is based in Minaki, just 15 air miles south of the English River. We provide a scenic transport to whichever fly-in camp you are going to. Once there, you may wish to arrange a daily fly- infishing trip.
807-224-6531 or 800-465-3325

Gateway North Outfitters [Website | Summary]

Viking Outposts [Website | Summary]
We offer air services out of Red Lake, Ontario where we operate our own fleet of well-maintained Beaver and Cessna float planes

Mattice Lake Outfitters [Website | Summary]
Experience the thrill of our air service flying to your destination in one of our float-equipped aircraft. You will fly over miles of paradise; a panorama of virgin forest broken only by thousands of lakes & rivers. Fish, canoe, vacation or hunt!
807-583-2483 or 800-411-0334

Knobby's Fly-In Camps [Website | Summary]
Take advantage of our air service that we offer. Whether it is to fly you into one of our remote outpost lakes, a day trip to a remote lake you are sure to enjoy your ontario fishing trip and enjoy our reliable float plane service.
807-737-3291 or 800-668-3886

Thunderhook Fly-Ins/Smoothrock Camp [Website | Summary]
Air services are provided to all our guests - Drive to our base and fly out of Armstrong, Ontario.

Rusty Myers Flying Service [Website | Summary]
Rusty Myers Flying Service is a chartered air service with flexible departure and arrival times. We have been flying since 1941 and are proud of our reputation and heritage. Give us a call to book a charter flight today.
807-274-5335 or 866-707-7637

Big Hook Wilderness Camps [Website | Summary]
For your Canadian fly in fishing trip we offer air services that are based out of Red Lake & Sandy Lake, Ontario.

Pickle Lake Outposts [Website | Summary]
We provide safe, quality air services that allow our guests access to our outpost cabins in remote, wilderness areas such as Wabakimi Wilderness Park

Old Post Lodge [Website | Summary]
We offer air services from our home base of Goderich, Ontario to Pickle Lake where you can then boat in to our remote resort, or you can fly in on a float plane to the resort, we also offer flights from several major US cities.
807-928-2802 or 800-461-1388

Walsten Outpost Cabins [Website | Summary]
Air services: We have a fleet of turbine & piston aircraft to ensure quick departure to your outpost upon arrival at our dock in Kenora, Ontario, Canada. We also offer flightseeing - sightseeing from a float plane! View Lake of the Woods from the air
807-468-5970 or 800-567-7715

Booi's Fly-In Lodge and Outposts [Website | Summary]
We provide air services to our island location on Trout Lake - 20 minutes by air north of Red Lake, Ontario.
250-618-7564 or 888-879-2664

Latreille Lake Lodge and Outposts [Website | Summary]
At Latreille Lake Lodge our package fishing plan includes air service from Ear Falls, Ontario Canada.
317-544-2250 or 866-528-7345

Excellent Adventures/Cat Island Lodge & Outposts Camps [Website | Summary]
807-222-3791 or 866-894-9948

Wilderness Air Limited [Website | Summary]
At Wilderness Air in Vermilion Bay, Ontario we offer air service. Our fleet of aircraft include 2 deHavilland Otters, 3 deHavilland Beavers, and 1 Cessna 185. Our aircrafts are serviced and maintained at our own maintenance facility.
807-227-5473 or 800-760-0924

Showalter's Fly-In Camps [Website | Summary]


Chimo Air Service [Website | Summary]

Amik Outposts / Lac Seul Airways [Website | Summary]

Prelude Travel Inc. [Website | Summary]
807-468-1928 or 800-561-8907

Dryden Regional Airport (YHD) [Website | Summary]

Ignace Outposts [Website | Summary]

Wilderness North [Website | Summary]
807-983-2047 or 888-465-3474

Kenora Airport Authority Inc. [Website | Summary]
807-548-5377 or 888-640-0445

Atikokan Municipal Airport (YIB) [Summary]

Pipestone Fly-In Outposts [Website | Summary]

Chimo Lodge & Outposts [Website | Summary]
807-727-2894 or 800-991-4599

Campbell's Cabins (1987) Ltd. [Website | Summary]
807-485-2441 or 800-238-4224

Thunder Bay International Airport (YQT) [Website | Summary]

Fort Frances Municipal Airport (YAG) [Summary]

The Outpost Company [Website | Summary]
807-224-6531 or 800-465-3325

Sioux Lookout Municipal Airport [Website | Summary]

Kashabowie Outposts [Website | Summary]

Kenora Air and Outposts [Website | Summary]

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