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Twin Otter landing at fly in fishing lodge

Air Service companies are the backbone of the fly in fishing lodges in Canada. For a fly in, everything depends on the aircraft and its ability to ferry guests and supplies to and from the lodge or outpost camp. There are many air service companies located across Northwestern Ontario.

The companies fly and maintain their fleets of bush planes that includes the Norseman, Otter, Beaver, Beech and Cessna. The pilots who fly these planes are knowledgeable of the countryside from the air and many fly in guests get to sit next to the pilot on the flight in. What an experience that is!

For more information on Air Services in Sunset Country, link to our members' websites listed below.

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Northwest Flying Inc. [Website | Summary]
Family owned & operated, Northwest Flying has been servicing Northwestern Ontario for over 40 years. Our fleet of aircraft consist of a Cessna 180, DeHavilland Beaver, DeHavilland Otter & Beechcraft 18. See our website for Charter Air Services rates.
807-484-2126 or 800-461-2126

Guardian Eagle Resort [Website | Summary]
With our air service 2 hours after leaving a major metropolitan area, filled with the sounds of honking horns & jammed freeways, you'll be in the rugged wilderness of Ontario. And, within the next hour, you'll be ready to fish our remote fly-in lake.
807-737-1113 or 800-465-3844

Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts [Website | Summary]
We are a fully licensed Air Service which can fly you to any fly in outpost destination in Canada. Our immaculate fleet of float equipped aircraft consist of a Beech-18, Cessna 185, Cessna 206, DeHavilland Beaver, Single Otter & Turbine.

Halley's Camps, Inc. [Website | Summary]
River Air, a charter air service, is based in Minaki, just 15 air miles south of the English River. We provide a scenic transport to whichever fly-in camp you are going to. Once there, you may wish to arrange a daily fly- infishing trip.
807-224-6531 or 800-465-3325

Gateway North Outfitters [Website | Summary]

Viking Outposts [Website | Summary]
We offer air services out of Red Lake, Ontario where we operate our own fleet of well-maintained Beaver and Cessna float planes

Mattice Lake Outfitters [Website | Summary]
Experience the thrill of our air service flying to your destination in one of our float-equipped aircraft. You will fly over miles of paradise; a panorama of virgin forest broken only by thousands of lakes & rivers. Fish, canoe, vacation or hunt!
807-583-2483 or 800-411-0334

Knobby's Fly-In Camps [Website | Summary]
Take advantage of our air service that we offer. Whether it is to fly you into one of our remote outpost lakes, a day trip to a remote lake you are sure to enjoy your ontario fishing trip and enjoy our reliable float plane service.
807-737-3291 or 800-668-3886

Thunderhook Fly-Ins/Smoothrock Camp [Website | Summary]
Air services are provided to all our guests - Drive to our base and fly out of Armstrong, Ontario.

Rusty Myers Flying Service [Website | Summary]
Rusty Myers Flying Service is a chartered air service with flexible departure and arrival times. We have been flying since 1941 and are proud of our reputation and heritage. Give us a call to book a charter flight today.
807-274-5335 or 866-707-7637

Pickle Lake Outposts [Website | Summary]
We provide safe, quality air services that allow our guests access to our outpost cabins in remote, wilderness areas such as Wabakimi Wilderness Park

Big Hook Wilderness Camps [Website | Summary]
For your Canadian fly in fishing trip we offer air services that are based out of Red Lake & Sandy Lake, Ontario.

Latreille Lake Lodge and Outposts [Website | Summary]
At Latreille Lake Lodge our package fishing plan includes air service from Ear Falls, Ontario Canada.
317-544-2250 or 866-528-7345

Old Post Lodge [Website | Summary]
We offer air services from our home base of Goderich, Ontario to Pickle Lake where you can then boat in to our remote resort, or you can fly in on a float plane to the resort, we also offer flights from several major US cities.
807-928-2802 or 800-461-1388

Booi's Fly-In Lodge and Outposts [Website | Summary]
We provide air services to our island location on Trout Lake - 20 minutes by air north of Red Lake, Ontario.
250-618-7564 or 888-879-2664

Walsten Outpost Cabins [Website | Summary]
Air services: We have a fleet of turbine & piston aircraft to ensure quick departure to your outpost upon arrival at our dock in Kenora, Ontario, Canada. We also offer flightseeing - sightseeing from a float plane! View Lake of the Woods from the air
807-468-5970 or 800-567-7715

Excellent Adventures/Cat Island Lodge & Outposts Camps [Website | Summary]
807-222-3791 or 866-894-9948

Showalter's Fly-In Camps [Website | Summary]


Wilderness Air Limited [Website | Summary]
At Wilderness Air in Vermilion Bay, Ontario we offer air service. Our fleet of aircraft include 2 deHavilland Otters, 3 deHavilland Beavers, and 1 Cessna 185. Our aircrafts are serviced and maintained at our own maintenance facility.
807-227-5473 or 800-760-0924

Kenora Airport Authority Inc. [Website | Summary]
807-548-5377 or 888-640-0445

Atikokan Municipal Airport (YIB) [Summary]

Chimo Lodge & Outposts [Website | Summary]
807-727-2894 or 800-991-4599

Dryden Regional Airport (YHD) [Website | Summary]

Chimo Air Service [Website | Summary]

Kashabowie Outposts [Website | Summary]

Fort Frances Municipal Airport (YAG) [Summary]

Amik Outposts / Lac Seul Airways [Website | Summary]

Campbell's Cabins (1987) Ltd. [Website | Summary]
807-485-2441 or 800-238-4224

Wilderness North [Website | Summary]
807-983-2047 or 888-465-3474

Ignace Outposts [Website | Summary]

The Outpost Company [Website | Summary]
807-224-6531 or 800-465-3325

Prelude Travel Inc. [Website | Summary]
807-468-1928 or 800-561-8907

Pipestone Fly-In Outposts [Website | Summary]

Kenora Air and Outposts [Website | Summary]

Thunder Bay International Airport (YQT) [Website | Summary]

Sioux Lookout Municipal Airport [Website | Summary]

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