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Gateway North Outfitters [Website | Summary]
The Emo and Dryden area of Northwestern Ontario is well known for trophy whitetailed deer, plan your guided deer hunting trip to Canada and let us set up a hunt for you. A hunt of Western Canada standards at a fraction of the cost.

Harris Hill Resort - Lake of the Woods [Website | Summary]
Harris Hill Resort in the Rainy River area is in a prime area for Ontario whitetail Deer hunting. We have exclusive hunting spots with baited sites & heated hunting stands. Trophy deer are plentiful - View our website to see all our Boone & Crocketts
807-488-1116 or 855-488-1116

Indian Point Camp [Website | Summary]
When planning an Ontario deer hunting trip, the Dryden area is now considered the top deer-hunting destination in Canada and the focal point for deer hunters that truly wish to harvest a Whitetail Buck of trophy caliber.
807-937-6988 or 800-699-9390

Shoal Lake Lodge [Website | Summary]
For a canadian whitetail deer hunting trip come up to where the big bucks roam. This area of Ontario has large, heavy animals, many with massive racks. Visit our deer hunting website for more information.

Birch Dale Lodge and Campground [Website | Summary]
For a canadian deer hunting trip you will find many Deer surrounding our facility, the average 10 Does to every buck, although we do have 20 different bucks on camera visiting one deer stand, ensuring you a good chance of a trophy buck.
807-227-5262 or 866-505-2600

Eagle Lake Sportsmen's Lodge [Website | Summary]
Eagle Lake Sportsmen's Lodge offers guided whitetail deer hunts in the Vermilion Bay, Ontario area. As well as professional guides we have baited stands to offer you the best deer hunt we can when you hunt with us.

Hideaway Lodge [Website | Summary]
Hideaway Lodge offers comfortable lodging, guided whitetail deer hunting in hundreds of acres of untouched forrests.
807 482 3474

Camp Narrows Lodge [Website | Summary]
Camp Narrows Lodge offers trophy whitetail deer hunts all through oct. Treestand hunting or drives with dogs, are all provided at the narrows. All hunts are fully guided. With many square miles of uninhabited land to hunt, the narrows offers it all.
807-274-2121 or 866-294-5067

Young's Wilderness Camp [Website | Summary]
Young’s Camp does a limited number of trophy deer hunts each year-these are true fair chase hunts. We are surrounded with more than a million acres of Crown Land populated with deciduous plant life that provides a natural habitat for white-tail deer.

All-Canadian Totem Resorts [Website | Summary]
807-226-5275 or 800-66TOTEM

Lake of the Woods Houseboats [Website | Summary]
Whitetail deer hunting is excellent in late fall. Plan a houseboat adventure on Lake of the Woods for your canadian deer hunt.
807-226-5462 or 800-341-1048

Tomahawk Resort [Website | Summary]
We offer deluxe accommodations for the serious deer hunt. Whitetail populations in our area are excellent
807-226-5622 or 800-465-1091

Cedar Point Lodge [Website | Summary]
Cedar Point Lodge has approximately 6000 acres of exclusive private land and remote access crown land to go deer hunting on.
807-227-2066 or 888-722-4610

Houseboat Adventures [Website | Summary]
The Kenora area boasts an abundant white-tailed deer population for hunting. Spend your ontario hunting trip on a houseboat and explore all the areas that Lake of the Woods has to offer.
800-253-6672 or 800-253-6672

Separation Lake Lodge Ltd. [Website | Summary]
For your Canadian whitetailed deer hunt all our packages include your guide; the guides at Separation Lake have an extensive knowledge of the lake and locations for the best hunting available.

Whitefish Bay Camp [Website | Summary]
Lake of the Woods in Nestor Falls, Ontario is a great area for hunting for whitetail deer. Our area is well known for it's trophy deer.
807-226-1211 or 877-226-1211

Kakabeka Falls Hotel/Carriage House Motel [Website | Summary]
Remote trophy whitetail deer hunts take place in Northwestern Ontario country off the logging roads.

North Country Lodge [Website | Summary]
807-227-5245 or 800-989-7919

Ballard's Black Island Resort [Website | Summary]
Whitetailed deer hunting is a must in the Lake of the Woods area of Northwestern Ontario. A very popular area for your ontario hunting trip where trophy bucks are taken yearly and there is certainly no shortage of does.

Rainy Lake Outfitters [Website | Summary]

Aulneau Peninsula Outpost Fish & Hunt [Website | Summary]
Our cabins are strategically located on the Aulneau Peninsula. Whitetail hunting the Nestor Falls & Souix Narrows area of Northwestern Ontario. Offering guided deer hunting packages. Remote hunts! Clientelle return rate high. Spots are limited.

Cedar Island Lodge [Website | Summary]
The Rainy River Region is a great area for whitetailed deer hunting. At Cedar Island Lodge we offer guided deer hunts in Region 9A & 9B, let us help you while your canadian deer hunting trip for that trophy buck you have been searching for.
807-275-5855 or 807-275-8776

Floating Lodges of Sioux Narrows [Website | Summary]
Enjoy our excellent hunting opportunities for whitetailed deer when you spend your ontario deer hunting trip in the Sioux Narrows, Ontario an area that is well known for trophy whitetails.
807-226-5476 or 800-743-5171

Ross' Camp [Website | Summary]
Ross' Camp is located in deer country-Rainy River District! Good buck-to-doe ratio. Low hunter numbers. Harvested bucks average 41/2 years of age. B&C scoring averages between 140 & 170. Dressed weight averages 200+ lbs. All hunts have guide service
807-482-2018 or 800-363-2018

Big North Lodge & Outposts [Website | Summary]
The Minaki area of Northwestern Ontario is on the northern edge of the deer range. Canadian whitetail deer hunting is very popular in our area as the deer are very large-bodied and fast-growing. Bucks that score in the 140's are fairly common.
807-224-4318 or 800-387-3577

Arrowhead Resort & Motel [Website | Summary]
Guide or unguided deer hunting trips are available in the Nestor Falls area of Lake of the Woods; one of the most popular areas in Northwestern Ontario for Whitetailed Deer Hunts.Arrowhead Resort offers accommodations to suit the size of your party.

Barber's Resort [Website | Summary]
A deer hunting trip to the Minaki, Ontario area with the recent mild winters have resulted in an explosion of the whitetailed deer population. Your chance for a trophy whitetailed buck are good at Barber's Resort.

Browns' Clearwater West Lodge/Barry Brown's Game Hunts [Website | Summary]
Our Whitetail Deer Hunters secure many of Northwestern, Ontario "Top-Class Bucks". These North Woods boast big-boned, heavy bodied "Whitetail Deer", capable of surviving harsher Winters and larger predators.
807-597-2884 or Reservation Desk: 800-900-4240

Davis' Bonny Bay Camp [Website | Summary]
If you are looking for trophy whitetail deer hunting during your Canadian hunting trip, then the Dryden area of Northwestern Ontario is where you should go. Davis' Bonny Bay Camp on Wabigoon Lake is in the heart of the best deer hunting in Ontario.
807-938-6696 or 866-815-5971

Stanley's Resort [Website | Summary]
Stanley's Resort in Vermilion Bay offers trophy whitetail deer hunts, includes prebaited stands, guide service, cottage rentals, licences and export permit are also included for your hunting trip to Ontario.
807-227-2199 or 800-461-1444

Sid's Canadian Bear Hunts [Website | Summary]
When planning your canadian deer hunting trip, the Dryden area is well known for is quality and quantity, as well as a good possiblity of a trophy deer. Our hunting & guide service offers packages for your complete deer hunting vacation.

Crow Lake Outfitters [Website | Summary]
Our outpost cabins are in prime location for Northwestern Ontario whitetailed deer hunting.The Nestor Falls & Sioux Narrows area are known for trophy deer, spend your canadian deer hunting trip at Crow Lake Outfitters & you won't be disappointed.

Andy Myer's Lodge [Website | Summary]
Our resort in Vermilion Bay, Ontario offers a high quality, affordable deer hunt within a day or so driving distance from home for your canadian hunting trip & an excellent chance at bagging that trophy whitetail you've been dreaming about.
807-227-2610 or 888-727-5865

Crystal Beach Resort [Website | Summary]
The deer hunting around Atikokan is good. Big bucks roam the woods in our area.

Eagle Lake Floating Vacations [Website | Summary]
Eagle Lake Floating Vacations offers world class whitetail deer hunting in the Vermilion Bay area of Ontario.

Rex Tolton's Miles Bay Camp [Website | Summary]
White-tailed deer are abundant on Lake of the Woods, especially on the Aulneau Pensinsula which is only 300 yards from our camp. Only primitive weapon hunting is allowed on the peninsula. Northwestern Ontario has excellent deer hunting in the fall.

Lakeview Lodge [Website | Summary]
Our local whitetail deer are the true Canadian strain with body weights of 250 to 300 pounds not uncommon. Hunting packages include full guide service, lodging and transporation by boat when hunting on the lakes. Up to 6 day hunt.

Indianhead Lodge [Website | Summary]
There is fantastic hunting for whitetail deer in the Sioux Narrows area of Northwestern Ontario. Plan your deer hunting trip to Canada and you will have great hunting with trophy bucks a real possibility.
807-226-5558 or 800-954-8246

Helliar's Resort Ltd. [Website | Summary]
Ontario deer hunting starts in early October. Helliar's Resort is easily found just off Highway 71 in Nestor Falls. Our area of Lake of the Woods offers some of the best trophy deer hunts in Northwestern Ontario.

Northwinds Canadian Outfitters [Website | Summary]
Deer hunting in the Dryden & Vermilion Bay area of Northwestern Ontario means you are hunting one of the best trophy bucks regions in the entire world large 18" plus spread with 8 points are very common & hunting in our region has become world class.
807-227-2013 or 800-567-5253

Muskie Bay Resort [Website | Summary]
Muskie Bay Resort offers great whitetail deer hunting. Come find yourself a trophy buck!
807-484-2332 or 877-228-2076

Ontario Wilderness Houseboat Rental [Website | Summary]
807-488-5594 or 800-359-6199

Smith Camps and Old Pilots Pub [Website | Summary]
The Lake of the Woods area of northwestern ontario is well known for it's excellent whitetailed deer hunts & our lodge offers packages that include your accomodations as well as guided hunts. We also offer primitive weapon hunts on Aulneau Peninsula
807-548-5764 or 888-416-6628

Pine Sunset Lodge [Website | Summary]
Ontario whitetailed packages include a housekeeping cabin rental only or baited private land hunt, your choice. Available is a pre-hunt orientation, maps, help with removal of game. Meals, hunting & fishing license & export permit are also extra. We
807-938-6621 or 888-897-4212

Kelly's Castaway Lodge [Website | Summary]
If you are looking to go hunting for whitetail deer in Nestor Falls, Ontario for your canadian deer hunting trip we have accomodations to meet your needs.
807-484-2500 or 877-580-2335

Lake of the Woods Lodge [Website | Summary]
The whitetail deer population in our area is excellent. The deer are plentiful and big. Some weigh in at a dressed weight of over 300 pounds! Our hunting areas are accessed by boat. We do not hunt farm land or busy logging roads.
807-484-2686 or 888-484-2686

Cygnet Lake Camp [Website | Summary]
Cygnet Lake Camp offers deer hunting. There is large numbers of deer in Northwestern Ontario.

Pipestone Point Resort [Website | Summary]
Ontario deer hunting in the Lake of the Woods area is excellent. Late October and into November are prime times for deer hunters looking for a trophy rack. Stay at Pipestone Resort for your deer hunting trip.

Crawford's Camp [Website | Summary]
Deer season opens the Saturday closest to the 8th of Oct. Our resort in Sioux Narrows can offer you some excellent Guided Deer hunts out on Islands that can get you some very nice racks. This hunting package can also include fishing and Duck hunting
807-226-5646 or 888-266-3474

Best Western Plus Dryden Hotel & Conference Centre [Website | Summary]
807-223-3201 or 888-394-2378

Lebron's Long Bay Camp [Website | Summary]
Ontario has huge Whitetail Deer and we cater to Deer hunters any week in October. Guided hunting produces results and we offer a complete package hunt which includes an experienced guide. Fishing may also be included as a combination
807-226-5620 or 800-890-4487

Witch Bay Canadian Camps Ltd. [Website | Summary]
Come hunt for whitetail deer just south of Kenora, Ontario. Cabins and boats are rented on a per day basis in November for deer hunting. Call or email us for more information.

Huber's Lone Pine Lodge [Website | Summary]
Deer can be hunted several ways. If you like to hunt from tree stands, we suggest you bring your own portable stand. There are areas where stalking can provide excellent opportunities to take a large buck. A drive type hunt can also be arranged.
807-938-6474 or 800-665-2257

Lac Seul's Scout Lake Resort, McKenzie Bay & Confederation Lake Outposts [Website | Summary]
With the deer population increasing yearly the Perrault Falls area is now seeing more deer hunting than in previous years.

Canada Outfitters [Website | Summary]

Walsten Outpost Cabins [Website | Summary]
807-468-5970 or 800-567-7715

White Pine Lodge [Website | Summary]
807-226-5267 or 877-325-4274

Nature's Inn [Website | Summary]

Sioux Lookout Floating Lodges [Website | Summary]

Halverson's Camp [Website | Summary]

LaBelle's Birch Point Camp [Website | Summary]

Buena Vista Resort [Website | Summary]
807-488-5652 or 800-465-6201

Crystal Harbour Resort Hotel [Website | Summary]
807-226-5233 or 888-589-6056

Mead's Spruce Island Camp Ltd. [Website | Summary]

Lake Despair Lodge [Website | Summary]

Clark's Camp & KC's Landing Resort [Website | Summary]
807-227-2154 or 866-744-2154

Mylie's Place Resort [Website | Summary]
807-488-5616 or 866-395-3449

Red Wing Lodge [Website | Summary]
807-488-5601 or 888-488-5601

Clark's Northern Lights Resort [Website | Summary]
807-529-6561 or 888-749-0049

Merkel's Camp [Website | Summary]
807-938-6428 or 888-521-3872

Sunset Country Outposts [Website | Summary]
612-270-6238 or 218-240-1937

Chalet Inn Motel & Restaurant [Website | Summary]
807-223-2335 or 800-563-1277

The Outpost Company [Website | Summary]
807-224-6531 or 800-465-3325

Eagle Lake Island Lodge [Website | Summary]

Telesky Taxidermist Ltd. [Website | Summary]
204-775-6796 or 888-774-5845

Border Country Outfitters Inc. [Website | Summary]

Yellowbird Lodge and Chalet [Website | Summary]
807-226-5275 or 800-66TOTEM

Rugby Lake Lodge [Website | Summary]

Portage Lodge [Website | Summary]
807-548-5156 or 800-565-6474

Atikokan Chamber of Commerce [Website | Summary]
807-597-1599 or 888-334-2332

Morson Tourism Association [Website | Summary]

Jeff Gustafson Outdoors [Website | Summary]

Gustafson's Resort [Website | Summary]

MacKenzie Lodge [Website | Summary]

Sioux Narrows/Nestor Falls Tourism [Website | Summary]
807-226-5293 or 800-501-4430

Timber Wolf Lodge [Website | Summary]

New Moon Lodge [Website | Summary]

Cascades Camps Ltd. [Summary]

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