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Hanson's King Island Lodge [Website | Summary]
Crappie are shy, scrappy, finicky & delicious. Crappie fishing is generally spring and & fall and usually small jigs and minnows work best. Good numbers of fish and size up to 17 inches in our area of Sabaskong Bay on Lake of the Woods

Tomahawk Resort [Website | Summary]
Crappie are found in several Bays on Lake of the Woods. Fun to catch when you find them actively feeding. Use a tear drop jig with a small minnow or twister tail - trolling with a small beetle spin works to find schools. They are a great pan fish.
807-226-5622 or 800-465-1091

Lake of the Woods Houseboats [Website | Summary]
Black crappie congregate in large schools with some fish over 2 pounds. The Sioux Narrows area is well known for both it's summer and ice fishing for this pan fish.
807-226-5462 or 800-341-1048

Camp Narrows Lodge [Website | Summary]
If you want slab, 2 lb crappies, Camp Narrows is the place for you. Sept and Oct are our crappie months. Jigging for these slabs happens right in front of the lodge. Come see why everyone is talking about RAINY LAKE and it's panfish.
807-274-2121 or 866-294-5067

Harris Hill Resort - Lake of the Woods [Website | Summary]
"Sweet tasting Black Crappie". A very popular fish for Ontario ice fishing, also an excellent fish for summer Lake of theWoods Crappie fishing. You might look under any submerged trees or reefs that you can find.
807-488-1116 or 855-488-1116

All-Canadian Totem Resorts [Website | Summary]
Slabs,...Slabs,...more slabs. That best describes our Crappie fishing, in our part of Lake of the Woods. Bring your ultra light gear; the feeling is absolutely wild. Enjoy ice fishing for black crappie as well they are plentiful.
807-226-5275 or 800-66TOTEM

Gateway North Outfitters [Website | Summary]
Crappie are in good numbers and large size on Off Lake. Crappie fishing is available in the summer and ice fishing from our cabins on Off Lake.

Rainbow Point Lodge [Website | Summary]
Crappie fishing in the Perrault Falls area is becoming more popular, try your hand at them and a variety of species while on your Ontario fishing trip to Rainbow Point Lodge.
807-529-3143 or 800-282-9039

Houseboat Adventures [Website | Summary]
Lake of the Woods is open all year for fishing crappie. The mornings tend to be the best time to catch these fish. Look for black crappie in shallow bays in the spring and weeds in the summer months.
800-253-6672 or 800-253-6672

Whitefish Bay Camp [Website | Summary]
There is an excellent population of black crappie in Lake of the Woods. Some days it seems like you're fishing out of a barrel!
807-226-1211 or 877-226-1211

Young's Wilderness Camp [Website | Summary]
Crappies are so numerous from late May until early June they can be caught in great numbers right from our dock. Fishing for these wonderful pan fish make for a fun way to spend your day on Stevens Bay.

Indian Point Camp [Website | Summary]
While on your fishing trip to our resort on Wabigoon Lake, crappie are one of the many species that you will catch. Crappie are an excellent pan fish for a canadian shore lunch.
807-937-6988 or 800-699-9390

Rex Tolton's Miles Bay Camp [Website | Summary]
You can catch crappie right off our docks on Lake of the Woods. The Nestor Falls area is also known for great crappie ice fishing in the spring.

Crawford's Camp [Website | Summary]
Lake of the Woods is well known for it's crappie fishing both summer or winter. A great ice fishing trip in April or a summer fishing vacation which ever you prefer as we are open with accomodations to suit either season.
807-226-5646 or 888-266-3474

Duck Bay Lodge [Website | Summary]
Spring and fall are the best times to find crappie schooled up in deeper water. Duck Bay Lodge is just minutes away from some of the best spots on the lake. Best caught using a light jig and minnow, vertically jigging off the bottom. A tasty meal!

Witch Bay Canadian Camps Ltd. [Website | Summary]
Witch Bay Canadian Camps has excellent crappie fishing that can be had on a seasonal basis. Spring crappie fishing is popular on Lake of the Woods.

Floating Lodges of Sioux Narrows [Website | Summary]
Lake of the Woods has some of the best black crappie fishing around and Sioux Narrows is a very popular area of northwestern ontario for them. These fish also taste great.
807-226-5476 or 800-743-5171

Ballard's Black Island Resort [Website | Summary]
Crappie is a great pan fish, Lake of the Woods is well known for good crappie fishing so plan your ontario fishing trip and have a variety of species to choose from.

Rocky Shore Lodge [Website | Summary]
Perrault Lake has many species of fish one of them are crappies. Fun fish to catch as well as eat.
807-529-3154 or 800-954-3154

Keystone Lodge [Website | Summary]
Use a jig and minnow to fish for Crappie on Cedar Lake. Crappie are found in schools, so once you find the honey hole you will be catching tons of Crappie.

Aulneau Peninsula Outpost Fish & Hunt [Website | Summary]
Excellent crappie fishing near our lodging location. The opportunity to fish others species is a given. Fall season is prime time.

Arrowhead Resort & Motel [Website | Summary]
A fishing trip to Ontario will be worth your while when you visit our resort on Crooked Pine Lake, which is well known for its slab black crappie. Bring along a few small 1/32 oz. tube jigs too!

Helliar's Resort Ltd. [Website | Summary]
The Nestor Falls area has great crappie fishing. Helliar's Resort is located on Sabaskong Bay on Lake of the Woods.

Lebron's Long Bay Camp [Website | Summary]
Fishing for slab-size Crappie on Lake of the Woods can be a riot, especially when you're catching them by the bucketful. Crappie are a prized panfish especially when they're in the pan...so tasty!
807-226-5620 or 800-890-4487

Smith Camps and Old Pilots Pub [Website | Summary]
If you enjoy ice fishing then Lake of the Woods and Crappie fishing go together. Summer or winter activity what a better way to enjoy a fishing vacation then a day on our lake.
807-548-5764 or 888-416-6628

Lake of the Woods Lodge [Website | Summary]
In the spring on Lake of the Woods you'll find crappies in mud bottom bays & harbors. In spawning season (early spring), along shorelines & sheltered bays that have a firm bottom with some weeds. In the summer - off rock piles or the edges of humps.
807-484-2686 or 888-484-2686

Lakeview Lodge [Website | Summary]
Fish for black crappie on Lake of the Woods, it is a excellent pan fish and is great fun for ice fishing.

Nature's Inn [Website | Summary]

Manotak Lodge [Website | Summary]
Crappie is a wonderful pan fish. So not only are the fun to catch they are great to eat!
807-529-3231 or 800-541-3431

Pine Sunset Lodge [Website | Summary]
Fish for black crappie on our Canadian lake which is just east of Dryden, Ontario.
807-938-6621 or 888-897-4212

Kelly's Castaway Lodge [Website | Summary]
The Nestor Falls, Ontario area has some of the best crappie fishing in Canada.
807-484-2500 or 877-580-2335

Huber's Lone Pine Lodge [Website | Summary]
807-938-6474 or 800-665-2257

Ontario Wilderness Houseboat Rental [Website | Summary]
Obabikan Lake has extensive groth of wild rice and weeds that offer superb action for crappie fishing. Lake of the Woods also has excellent crappie.
807-488-5594 or 800-359-6199

Muskie Bay Resort [Website | Summary]
Crappie swim in schools, are a favorite to many anglers, and can be fished for both summer and winter.
807-484-2332 or 877-228-2076

Pipestone Point Resort [Website | Summary]
Crappie are a favorite of many anglers. Fishing for crappie in Ontario is exciting and great for the kids!

White Pine Lodge [Website | Summary]
807-226-5267 or 877-325-4274

Indianhead Lodge [Website | Summary]
In the spring and fall Lake of the Woods is well known for having great Crappie fishing.
807-226-5558 or 800-954-8246

Williams Lake Lodge [Website | Summary]
Crappie is a wonderful pan fish. So not only are the fun to catch they are great to eat!

Gustafson's Resort [Website | Summary]

Cascades Camps Ltd. [Summary]

Buena Vista Resort [Website | Summary]
807-488-5652 or 800-465-6201

New Moon Lodge [Website | Summary]

Hawk Lake Lodge [Website | Summary]

Tyc's Blindfold Lake Resort [Website | Summary]

LaBelle's Birch Point Camp [Website | Summary]

Morson Tourism Association [Website | Summary]

Crystal Harbour Resort Hotel [Website | Summary]
807-226-5233 or 888-589-6056

Red Wing Lodge [Website | Summary]
807-488-5601 or 888-488-5601

Timber Wolf Lodge [Website | Summary]

La Place Rendez-Vous Hotel [Website | Summary]
807-274-9811 or 800-544-9435

Wiley Point Lodge [Website | Summary]
807-226-5275 or 800-66TOTEM

Portage Lodge [Website | Summary]
807-548-5156 or 800-565-6474

MacKenzie Lodge [Website | Summary]

Voyageur Wilderness [Website | Summary]

Luther Village Camp [Website | Summary]

Jim's Caviar Camp [Website | Summary]

Dogtooth Lake Resort [Website | Summary]

Primmer's Camp [Summary]

Jeff Gustafson Outdoors [Website | Summary]

Lake Despair Lodge [Website | Summary]

Anicinabe RV Park & Campground [Website | Summary]
807-467-2700 or 877-318-2267

Atikokan Chamber of Commerce [Website | Summary]
807-597-1599 or 888-334-2332

Emo Sports Field [Summary]

Coppen's Resort [Website | Summary]

Mylie's Place Resort [Website | Summary]
807-488-5616 or 866-395-3449

Merkel's Camp [Website | Summary]
807-938-6428 or 888-521-3872

Campbell's Cabins (1987) Ltd. [Website | Summary]
807-485-2441 or 800-238-4224

Yellowbird Lodge and Chalet [Website | Summary]
807-226-5275 or 800-66TOTEM

Mead's Spruce Island Camp Ltd. [Website | Summary]

Halverson's Camp [Website | Summary]

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