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Fishing Trips to Canada

Fish thousands of lakes with Walleye, Bass, Pike, Muskie and Trout

We're not kidding when we say there are over 70,000 fish-able lakes in Sunset Country! With so many lakes, it's easy to back up our claim as "Canada's Premier Fishing Destination". Endless lakes also mean you'll never have to worry about crowds out on the water. The great thing about fishing our area of Canada is that we offer multi-species fishing - not just walleye, northern and lake trout. In Sunset Country, you get all those three plus large and small mouth bass, muskie, black crappie, sauger, perch, brook trout and whitefish! Fly in outpost cabins in Ontario

The fish species available varies based on the location within Sunset Country. If you know which Canadian lake you'd like to fish, visit our Northwest Ontario Lakes website. There you'll find a list of drive-in, boat-in and fly-in lodges sorted by the name of the lake they are on.

Ontario Canada Walleye Fishing

Walleye Fishing

The ultimate in table fare and the highlight of the Canadian "Shore Lunch", walleye are extremely abundant in Sunset Country. Found in a variety of lakes and rivers, the average-sized walleye in Ontario are between 1 and 3 pounds. Of course fish over 30 inches in length and weighing over 10 pounds are a definite possibility. To find a place to stay click here.

Canada Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing

If you want some of the continent's hottest action for smallmouth bass then a visit to Sunset Country is in order. Pound for pound, there is no better fighting fish so get ready for lots of wild jumping action. In some lakes there are largemouth too! Find a lodge to stay at here.

Largemouth Bass Fishing in Canada

Largemouth Bass Fishing

Largemouth bass are confined to a much smaller number of lakes but some of these lakes hold really big fish.Check out the select number of lodges in our area that ofeer you a chance a a largemouth bass just click here.

Canada Northern Pike Fishing

Northern Pike Fishing

We have pike and lots of them - numbers and size! Average pike are in the 6-8 pound range with the biggest fish reaching lengths over 40 inches and weighing more than 30 pounds. Check out the available northern pike fishing spots by clicking here.

Ontario Lake Trout Fishing Photo

Lake Trout Fishing

With so many deep cool lakes, Sunset Country is an excellent choice for lake trout fishing. Lakers are distributed across Northwest Ontario and many lakes are known for their quality trout fishery. Lake trout average between 4-8 pounds but fish up to 20 pounds are not uncommon. To find out more visit this page.

Canada Brook Trout Fishing

Brook Trout Fishing

The most northerly regions of Sunset Country and near Lake Nipigon are where you'll find trophy brook trout. River systems such as the Winisk, Sutton and Albany offer truly outstanding opportunities for brook trout. The biggest fish go up to 8 pounds with plenty of fish in the 2 to 5 pound range. Bring your fly rod with you and get ready for a wild time! Visit our page with all brook trout lodges and book the trip of a lifetime.

Canada Muskie Fishing

Muskie Fishing

Sunset Country is without a doubt, one of the best destinations on the planet when it comes to muskie fishing. The Ontario record muskellunge measured in at 58 inches in length and weighed 65 pounds. What sets muskie fishing in Sunset Country apart is the number of muskie you'll catch. The key to success is to have a well-stocked tackle box with a choice of top to bottom baits. Muskie hunters please click here for a list of lodges that offer muskie fishing.

Crappie Fishing in Canada

Crappie Fishing

Pan fish such as perch and black crappie are a favourite of many anglers. In Northwestern Ontario we have great fishing for both species. Black crappie are abundant in both Lake of the Woods and Rainy Lake as well as a select number of smaller bodies of water. This gives anglers the opportunity to find a whole group of fish in a small area leading to a great day on the water. For more information about Canadian crappie fishing, visit this page.

Perch Fishing in Canada

Perch Fishing

Perch are much more widely distributed and for kids, are really fun to catch. In the summer look for perch at the shore near sunken timber and under docks. For more information about Canada perch fishing, click here.

Your Canadian fishing trip may also include fishing for whitefish, sauger or even sturgeon. No matter what kind of fish you're looking for, in Sunset Country you'll always find a challenge with a little adventure tucked in your tackle box as well.

Northwestern Ontario Fishing Tournaments - 2016


Family Fishing Weekend

Any Lake in Ontario - February 13-15

Agimak Lake Ice Fishing Derby
Agimak Lake, Ignace - February - TBA - 807-394-2990 or 807-934-2202 Northwestern Ontario Fishing Tournaments


Keewatin Legion Family Fish Derby
Lake of the Woods, Keewatin - TBA - 807-547-2597


Annual Stratton Fishing Derby
Morley Park, Rainy River - May 21 - 807-483-5455

Emo Walleye Classic
Rainy River, Emo - May 26-28 - 807-482-2171


Sioux Lookout Walleye Weekend Tournament
Abram, Pelican, Botford Lakes, Sioux Lookout - June 11-12 - 807-737-1937 or 807-737-1323

Dryden Walleye Masters
Wabigoon Lake, Dryden - June 18-19 - 807-938-7641 Kenora Bass International Fishing Tournament


Kenora Walleye Open
Lake of the Woods, Kenora - July 2-3 - 204-795-0050

Family Fishing Week
Any Lake in Ontario - July 2-10 - 877-822-8881

Shoal Lake Bass Classic
Shoal Lake, Shoal Lake Band #39, Shoal Lake - July 9-10 - 807-733-2560 or 807-733-3191

Children/Youth Fishing Tournament
Bass Lake Park, Nestor Falls - July 17 - 807-226-5241

Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship
Rainy Lake, Fort Frances - July 21-23 - 807-274-2028

Bronzeback Classic
Lake of the Woods, Kenora: July 23-24 - 807-468-4077 or 807-548-4547

Agimak Lake Fishing Derby
Agimak Lake, Ignace: - TBA - 807-934-2990 or 807-934-2202

English River Bass Challenge
English River System, Grassy Narrows: TBA - 807-925-2201

Nestor Falls Bass Bash
Lake of the Woods, Nestor Falls: - TBA - 807-226-5241

Angler & Young Angler Walleye Tournament
Wabigoon Lake, Dryden - July TBA Tracy Gustafson: 807-937-2674

Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship


Kenora Bass International
Lake of the Woods, Kenora - August 4-6

Angler & Young Angler Walleye Fishing Tournament
Red Lake: August 7 - Mark Vermette 807-727-2747 or Bob Uhrina 807-727-2747

Atikokan Bass Classic
Marmion Lake, Atikokan - August 12-13 - 807-597-2940

Morson Bass International
Lake of the Woods, Morson - August 20-21

Angler & Young Angler National Championship
Lake of the Woods, Kenora - TBA

English River Bass/Walleye Challenge
English River System, Grassy Narrows - TBA - 807-925-2201


Red Lake Fall Classic Catch & Release Walleye Tournament
Red Lake Chain of Lakes, Red Lake - Sept 3-4 - 807-727-3275

Perch Lake Bass Challenge
Perch Lake, Atikokan - Sept 4 - Email: info@perchlakebass.com

Bassin' for Bucks
Lake of the Woods, Sioux Narrows - Sept 9-11 - 807-226-5226 or 807-226-5684

Crow Lake Classic
Crow (Kakagi) Lake, Nestor Falls - Sept 17-18 - Anglers Pro Shop: 807-484-2525

Last Chance Bass
Shoal Lake, Shoal Lake Band #39, Shoal Lake - Sept TBA Randy Paishk: 807-733-3191

Rainy River Walleye Tournament
Rainy River - September 22-24 - 807-852-3244

Nestor Falls Musky Cup
Lake of the Woods, Nestor Falls - Sept 23-24

Whitefish Bay Fall Bass Classic
Whitefish Bay, Lake of the Woods - Sept - 807-226-5411

Lac La Croix Bass Classic
Nequaquon Lake, Lac La Croix Fort Frances - TBA - 807-485-2431


Lake of the Woods Walleye Challenge
Lake of the Woods, Morson - Oct 11-12 - 807-276-0311

Ontario Angler Awards Programs

OFAH Ontario Angler Awards
All bodies of water in Ontario - Jan 1-Dec 31

Sioux Lookout District Master Angler Catch & Release Program
All bodies of water around Sioux Lookout - Nov 1-Oct 31 - Sioux Lookout Information Centre: 807-737-2991 Accommodations

Ontario Fishing Regulations

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) has their Sport Fishing Regulations Summary available for downloading in an Adobe Acrobat file. The file is broken up into sections which makes downloading faster.

Check the Angling category of our members directory for some of the best fishing of your life.

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