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Fly-in to remote outposts north of Red Lake, Ontario. We operate five fly-in outpost camps in Northwestern Ontario, Canada, and offer the very finest in Walleye and Northern Pike fishing. We fly from Red Lake to our outposts located from as little as thirty miles north to as much as one hundred and twenty miles north. Ultra modern cabins, reliable equipment, hot and cold running water with showers, and emergency communication radios. Full range of accommodations from our very popular 2 man outpost to exclusive packages for large groups. Call for specifics (references included).

Our Goose Lake camp is 65 miles northeast of Red Lake, Ontario. The only camp on this lake, we have outstanding walleye and northern fishing and offer a portage out trip to neighbouring Nechigona Lake for our more adventurous guests. Goose Lake is about 7 square miles and offers a real diversity of fishing opportunities: plenty of structure, steep drop-offs, weedy bays, sunken reefs, and gravel beds. There are 4 cabins here that can accommodate up to 24 people. Our other 4 outpost cabins are on Unnamed, Monroe, Whitelaw, and Poirier Lakes.

We also offer fly in canoe trips, primarily on the Berens River and its tributary the Throat river and its tributaries. We do not fly into Woodland Caribou park or Atikaki park (we believe we have a better location to offer). We do not offer any services to people who want to drive in. We meet you at our Stormer Lake base 45 miles north of Red Lake Ontario (you drive to Stormer Lake), then we fly you in about 50 miles.

807-773-5564 (May 15-Sept. 30)807-773-5564 (May 15-Sept. 30)
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Loon Haunt Outposts, Red Lake, Ontario
Lakes & Rivers: Berens River, Berens River System, Goose Lake, Monroe Lake, Nechigona Lake, Poirier Lake, Throat River System, U Lake, Unnamed Lake, West Lake (Monroe Lake Area), Whitelaw Lake
Regions: Red Lake Municipality - Patricia Region
Address: Box 1344, Red Lake, Ontario, Canada P0V 2M0

Map Showing the Location of our Facilities in Northern Ontario

Loon Haunt Outposts
Unamed Lake Outpost
Whitelaw Lake Outpost
Poirier Lake Outpost
Monroe Lake Outpost

Activities / Attractions

Fishing Trip: For your canadian fishing trip to Sunset Country fly in to great remote cabin outposts north of Red Lake Ontario. Fish Walleye and Northern pike in a protected fishery.
Canoeing: If you enjoy canoeing in remote wilderness areas of Northwestern Ontareio we offer fly in canoe trips from our base at Stormer Lake (45 miles north of Red Lake Ontario),canoe the Throat River, or great fishing on Willis, McCreery & Madden lakes.
River: Fly-in canoe trips on the Throat river and its tributaries from our fly in base at Stormer Lake 50 miles north of Red Lake Ontario. We do not fly into Woodland Caribou Park. We believe we offer a much more remote wilderness experience.
Wilderness Camping: If you enjoy wilderness camping then why not try one of our fly in canoe trips or fly in camping trips with Loon Haunt Outpost north of Red Lake Ontario.
Remote: If you are looking for a remote secluded setting for a Canadian canoeing vacation, visit one of our remote outpost cabins 30 - 120 miles north of Red Lake.
Float Plane Drop Offs: We mainly fly to Berens River and Throat River for our fly in canoe trips. A two way radio, route maps, tents, paddles and canoes are included in the canoeing package.


Walleye: All 6 fly in outpost lakes such as Cherrington, Unnamed, Monroe, Whitelaw or Poirier feature fantastic walleye action. We have been operating a protected fishery for many years.
Northern Pike: Fly in to one of our six remote outpost lakes that feature great Northern Pike fishing in a protected fishery, making fishing for trophy northern pike a real possibility.
Conservation Fishing: Our lakes have very limited fishing pressure & it is our wish to practice conservation fishing to protect this precious resource. We have adopted the following fishing restrictions: no one is to harm a walleye over 18" or Northern Pike over 27"
Perch: If you enjoy perch fishing then all of our outpost lakes have perch as an added bonus to make your ontario fishing trip one you will remember.

Nature and Adventures

Bird Watching: Enjoy the wilderness and try and spot many of the bird species that are here in this region of Ontario.

Marine Services

Fishing Boats: When you vacation at any of our outpost cabins, our fishing boat rentals are large 16 foot Lunds with 9.9 hp motors.
Canoes & Kayaks: When you plan your canoeing trip with Loon Haunt Outposts our canoe rentals are included in your fly in canoe trip. We use 17 foot Grumman and Alumacraft canoes.
Boat Cache: At some of our out-posts we do have boat caches at the lakes.


Canoe & Kayak Outfitters: Loon Haunt Outfitters is a canoe & kayak outfitter that offers fly in canoe trips on the Berens and Throat River Systems north of Red Lake, Ontario.
Fly In Access: We offer 6 fly in Outpost lakes north of Red Lake, Ontario - Goose, Unnamed, Monroe, Whitelaw and Poirier Lakes.
Outposts: Looking to fish Canada? Try a fly in fishing trip to Loon Haunt's remote outpost cabins for Walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout it's the trip of a lifetime. All transportation to and from our outpost cabins is done by float plane.
Housekeeping Cabins: Fly in from Red Lake, Ontario to one of our remote outpost housekeeping cabins, equipped with boats, motors, gas, comfortable beds, pots & pans, dishes & utensils. They feature propane lights, stove, fridge & deep freeze, hot & cold running water.
Cabin Rentals: Fly in with Loon Haunt Outposts where you will find our cabin rentals are all on secluded outpost lakes in Northwestern Ontario. The housekeeping cabins have all the amenitites you will need for a great fishing vacation in Canada.
Cottage Rentals: Looking for a fishing trip to Ontario for some great walleye and northern pike fishing? We offer fly in trips with cottage rentals on remote outpost lakes that feature a great view of the lake & provide you with access to excellent fishing.
Canoe Outfitters: As well as a canoe outfitter with canoeing routes on the Berens River or Throat River systems, we also have fly in outpost cabins for a great fishing experience.
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