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Pickle Lake Outposts

Fly in to Pickle lake Outposts for northwestern Ontario's most spectacular freshwater fishing. Catch walleye or northern pike at any one of our 8 remote outpost cabins. Fly in only access assures you complete fishing privacy. "Own" a lake for a week -it's what a fly in outpost experience is all about!

Fly with us... Far beyond the highways, cities, and towns... to a land of pristine rivers, lakes and streams, located in Northern Ontario's vast Arctic Watershed country...and accessible only by float plane from Pickle Lake. It's the deep cold northern waters of these remote wilderness lakes that keep walleyes and northerns in feeding and fighting mood all season long. Catching fish is always exciting, but exploring new waters and discovering new fishing hotspots is what makes a remote trip so worthwhile. That is what makes a trip to our outpost region so unique.

All 8 of our remote outpost lakes provide endless opportunities to explore seldom fished bays, rivers and streams. In fact many of our guests have returned year after year to the same lake, claim they still have not explored all of it!

Our base camp is located literally at the "end of the road" where you'll fly in on a float plane to the lake of your choice. Just drive up Highway 599 north of Ignace to the Town of Pickle Lake and let your adventure begin.

Pickle Lake Outposts Fly-in fishing
Pickle Lake Outposts, Pickle Lake, Ontario
Lakes & Rivers: Assin Lake, Forrester Lake, Mamiegowish Lake, Markop Lake, Morris Lake, Neawagank Lake, North Caribou Lake, Opap River, Pickle Lake, Pipestone River Chain, Skinner Lake, South Pipestone River, Wastayanipi Lake, Williams Lake (Pickle Lake Area)
Provincial Parks: Otoskwin Attawapiskat River Park, Pipestone River Provincial Park
Regions: Pickle Lake - Patricia Region
Address: Box 220, Pickle Lake, Ontario, Canada P0V 3A0

Map Showing the Location of our Facilities in Northern Ontario

Pickle Lake Outposts
Assin Lake
Wastyanipi Lake
Markop Lake
South Pipestone Lake
North Caribou Lake
Forester Lake
Skinner Lake
Neawagank Lake

Activities / Attractions

Fishing Trip: When planning your fishing trip to Canada this year, at Pickle Lake Outpost, we offer some of Ontario's best fly in fishing to remote, wilderness lakes.
Hunting Trips: Your canadian hunting trip awaits you and moose hunting is our specialty! Pickle Lake, Ontario is a great area for hunting whether it is moose or bear hunting you will have great results.
Canoeing: If you are interested in canoeing & kayaking, Pickle Lake Outposts has access to some of the most remote areas of Ontario, we can provide our guests with a true wilderness canoeing experience in areas such as Wabakami Wilderness Provincial Park.
Wilderness Camping: If wilderness camping is your vacation plan for this year, we can arrange a canoeing wilderness adventure for you.
Remote: When looking for a remote secluded setting for your fishing vacation, our outposts are located in Ontario's last Frontier. We have 8 remote outposts to choose from such as North Caribou, Forester, Skinner or Assin.
Sand Beach: Our outpost on Neawagank Lake is located at the halfway mark of this 21 mile lake on a long sand beach for your swimming enjoyment.
Saunas: For your relaxation and pleasure our Neawagank and North Caribou outposts have saunas. While on your vacation sit back after a day of fishing and relax and enjoy a sauna.


Walleye: We offer great walleye fishing in the spring, summer and fall. When fishing our remote fly in outpost lakes in the Wabakimi Wilderness area your are guaranteed great canadian fishing.
Northern Pike: Northern pike grow to enormous sizes in our remote outpost lakes in the Pickle Lake area of Northwestern Ontario. Lakes such as Williams,Morris,Mamiegowish offer great Pike fishing and a trophy Northern Pike is a good possiblity.
Brook Trout: From late July through the first week of September our outpost lakes offer incredible numbers of brook trout for your fishing enjoyment. They can range from three to five pounds.
Whitefish: Whitefish is not a common fish for people to fish for in our remote fly in lakes but they are fun to catch and are really good eating.
Perch: Perch are plenty in our fly in outposts in the Pickle Lake area and make a great pan fish for shore lunch.


Moose: When you fly in to one of Pickle Lake Outposts remote outpost lakes in Northwestern Ontario for Moose hunting, in this region it is probably the best as anywhere in Ontario.

Marine Services

Fishing Boats: We have between 3 to 5 fishing boats each equipped with motors ranging from 8 hp to 25 hp at each outpost for your use.
Canoeing Routes: Canoeing in northwest Ontario is an incredible experience. Plan your canoeing route and we can fly in you and your canoe to a remote location such as Pipestone River or into Wabakimi Wilderness Provincial Park for your wilderness vacation.
Canoes & Kayaks: If you wish we can set you up with a wilderness adventure that includes your canoes & kayaks rentals or bring your own gear and we will fly in to one of our remote areas and drop you off for a wilderness vacation.


Housekeeping Cabins: When you stay with Pickle Lake Outposts our fly-in housekeeping cabins are clean and comfortable. Almost all have running water and half of the cottages have hot showers.
Outposts: Our remote outposts in the Wabakimi Wilderness Park area of Northwestern Ontario ensure your complete fishing privacy - no neighbors! We offer exclusive lake and river fishing for walleyes and trophy northerns.
Fly In Access: Fly in access means you can only get here by float plane! Experience what true wilderness is all about whether you are fishing on one of our outpost lakes or canoeing and enjoying wilderness camping.
Cabin Rentals: When planning your fishing vacation to Ontario and you are looking for cabin rentals, Pickle Lake Outpost has outpost cabins on 10 secluded remote lakes such as North Caribou, Forester or Markop to name a few.
Cottage Rentals: Cottage rentals at our fly in outpost camps are clean & comfortable and mostly modern with running water and showers, for your comfort after a day of great fishing in the Canadian wilderness.
Air Services: We provide safe, quality air services that allow our guests access to our outpost cabins in remote, wilderness areas such as Wabakimi Wilderness Park
Canoe & Kayak Outfitters: Pickle Lake Outpost is also a canoe & kayak outfitter and have numerous drops camps and canoe trips available from our base in Pickle Lake. Please inquire.
Sauna: For your relaxation and pleasure our Neawagank and North Caribou outposts have saunas. While on your vacation sit back after a day of fishing and relax and enjoy a sauna.

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