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Wilderness Air Limited

Fly into a remote wilderness outposts cabin with Wilderness Air for some of the best sportfishing in the world. Fish for walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, muskie and trout. Our fleet of aircraft include 2 deHavilland Otters, 3 deHavilland Beavers, and 1 Cessna 185. We will fly fly you into one of 10 remote cottages. We are easily accessible by major airlines and located close to major centers, so you'll have no problems getting here. You can fly into Kenora, Ontario, or International Falls, MN. We will provide float plane or ground transportation to Wilderness Air from the airport.

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Wilderness Air Fly-in outposts
Wilderness Air Limited, Vermilion Bay, Ontario
Lakes & Rivers: Bridge Lake, Campfire Lake, Confusion Lake, Conver Lake, Devlin Lake, Long Lake, O-Nee-Gum Lake, Onis Lake, Pilot Lake, Portal Lake, Solitary Lake, Sup Lake, Wasa Lake
Regions: Vermilion Bay - Patricia Region
Address: Box 83, Vermilion Bay, Ontario P0V 2V0

Map Showing the Location of our Facilities in Northern Ontario

Wilderness Air Limited
Solitary Lake
Campfire Lake
O-Nee-Gum Lake
Wasa Lake
Portal Lake
MacDowell Lake
Conver Lake
Confusion Lake
Sup Lake
Pilot Lake
Devlin Lake

Activities / Attractions

Fishing Trip: Fly in to one of our 10 secluded outpost cabins for your ontario fishing trip. The thrill of catching fish, the beauty of the lakes, the abundance of wildlife, the cry of the loon & the solitude of the wilderness will bring you back time after time.
Hunting Trips: Try your next hunting trip at a remote fly-in wilderness cabin. We offer fall hunts for bear, moose, grouse, geese and ducks.
Wilderness Camping: Imagine being dropped off by float plane in the middle of the remote Canadian wilderness to enjoy nothing except the beauty & solitude while on a wilderness camping trip. Just give us a call and we'll go over your camping options.
Sand Beach: Some of our outpost lakes have sand beaches great for swimming, sunbathing, or for the children. Take a dip in the clean, clear water on the hot summer days.
Remote: We have 10 fly-in outpost cabins for you to choose your remote secluded setting for your vacation. You'll be dropped off by float plane at your cabin rental to enjoy your time fishing in the remote Canadian wilderness.


Walleye: For your ontario walleye fishing trip fish all our outposts lakes. You'll find large walleyes, with trophy walleye's a good possibility on lakes such as Sup, Confusion, Wasa and Pilot.
Northern Pike: There's great canadian northern pike fishing at all our outposts lakes. Try for those trophy northern pikes on such lakes as Sup, Portal, Confusion, and O-Nee-Gum.
Smallmouth Bass: Fish for smallmouth bass up to 6 lbs at our Campfire Lake outpost. Fly in to this secluded 480 acre lake & enjoy great fishing for bass, walleye & northern. You can also fly into our O-Nee-Gum Lake outpost that has a portage lake for smallmouth bass.
Muskie: Fish for muskie at our fly-in Confusion Lake Outpost. Confusion Lake and a number of islands and bays, rocky & sandy shoreline as well as lots of reefs and weedy bays. The lake also has walleye, northern and lake trout fishing.
Lake Trout: Looking for a Lake Trout fishing trip to Canada? We suggest you try our Confusion Lake outpost cabin for some great trout fishing.
Whitefish: When your fly in to one our outpost lakes you will find that although not a common fish for an ontario fishing trip, whitefish are caught and are a good eating fish.

Nature and Adventures

Wildlife Viewing: If you enjoy wildlife viewing then you find just animals as moose, whitetailed deer, red fox, and more. Enjoy watching a bald eagle soaring in the sky, listen to the plaintif call of the canadian loon and much more.


Moose: A northwestern ontario fall Moose Hunting is another exciting hunt Wilderness Air offers. Excellent hunting is available at our outposts, or on far north moose hunts. We offer a variety of outfitted or self-outfitted options.
Black Bear: Choose one of Wilderness Air's 10 deluxe outpost hunting and fishing cabins and experience the thrill of the remote Canadian bear hunt. We supply everything you need to bring home a trophy black bear.
Geese: As well as bigger game we offer bird hunting as well at our outposts come fall.
Grouse: Come fall at out outposts we have fall bird hunting. From grouse, duck, or geese.

Marine Services

Boat Cache: We offer boat caches on lakes such as Confusion, Solitary, Wasa, Sup, Portal, Bridge for your fishing enjoyment.
Fishing Boats: Our fishing boat rentals are 14 ft boats with new motors at each of our outpost lakes for your fishing enjoyment.
Canoeing Routes: If you enjoy wilderness camping & canoeing our Conver Lake outpost is along a Historic canoe route.
Canoes & Kayaks


Outposts: Take your pick of 10 outpost lakes and enjoy our unbelievable walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, trout and muskie fishing. Fish Confusion, Solitary, Wasa, Sup, Portal, Campfire, Conver, Pilot, Devlin and O-Nee-Gum Lakes.
Fly In Access: Wilderness Air is home to some of the best fly in fishing action in the remote Canadian Wilderness. Get ready for an incredible fishing experience that you'll never forget! Take your pick of 10 exclusive Outpost Lakes.
Housekeeping Cabins: Our fly-in outposts all have housekeeping cabins. The cabin rentals can accommodate various numbers of guests, call or email us to find the cottage most suitable for your party. Choose from 10 fly-in remote outpost cabins.
Cabin Rentals: We offer modern housekeeping cabin rentals on remote Canadian Lakes. Enjoy fishing for Walleye & Northern Pike the way it was meant to be! Relax, enjoy the solitude on a Northernwestern Ontario lake with no-one but nature and wildlife to share with.
Cottage Rentals: Our modern lakeside cottages rentals are located on remote wilderness lakes accessible by float plane aircraft. Enjoy great canadian fishing on such outpost lakes as Campfire, Conver, Pilot, Devlin or O-Nee_Gum.
Flightseeing: Enjoy a float plane experience. Wilderness Air offers air service for flightseeing while on your canadian family vacation in the the Vermilion Bay, Ontario area.
Pet Friendly: Pets Allowed for your vacation with us? Yes we allow them to spend their family vacation with you.
Day Trips: Wilderness Air in Vermilion Bay, Ontario offers air service for fly in day trips to remote canadian fishing lakes. Enjoy a day of great walleye, northern pike and smallmouth bass fishing.
Family Vacations: Our Devlin Lake and O-Nee-Gum Lake outposts are ideal for family vacations. Enjoy great fishing, swimming and quality family time on a remote lake. Listen to the cry of the loons and see a beautiful northwestern ontario sunset from your cabin deck.
Sauna: Several of our outposts have sauna baths for your enjoyment while on vacation with Wilderness Air in Northwest Ontario.
Air Services: At Wilderness Air in Vermilion Bay, Ontario we offer air service. Our fleet of aircraft include 2 deHavilland Otters, 3 deHavilland Beavers, and 1 Cessna 185. Our aircrafts are serviced and maintained at our own maintenance facility.
Fishing Licenses

Questions? Email or call us at 1-800-665-7567