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Walsten Outpost Cabins

Each year, many sportsmen and their families fly in and enjoy the adventure of landing a trophy size fish and real seclusion at one of our Canadian wilderness outpost cabins where your only company might be the call of a loon or the splash of a fighting fish.

We offer a wide variety of fish at our ten Walsten Outpost locations including Walleye, Northerns, Smallmouth Bass and Lake Trout. If you like Canada muskie fishing, visit our drive-to Canadian outpost camp located on Separation Lake on the English River System. We are the only camp on the lake in several of our locations. We invite you to compare our accommodations and service with any other operation.

We also offer Ontario fly-in fishing trips at our McCusker Lake Camp. This flyin camp has light housekeeping cabins for 2 to 30 people. It is located in the remote wilderness 140 miles north of Kenora, Ontario.

Lizzy & Kevin Walsten have also purchased Confederation Lake Outposts. The outposts are centrally located on the lake and offer excellent lake trout and northern pike fishing with several portage lakes offering walleye fishing. By flying, you'll save a 4 hour drive from Kenora to Confederation Lake. For those that do not wish to fly, we have an excellent landing for your own boats, or if you prefer to use our boats, we have some available. Free parking for our guests who wish to drive.

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Walsten Outposts fishing and hunting
Walsten Outpost Cabins, We fly out of Kenora north towards Woodland Caribou Park. Confederation Lake is NE of Ear Falls., Ontario
Lakes & Rivers: Chase Lake, Confederation Lake, English River System, Joe's Lake, McCusker Lake, Nance Lake, Roger Lake, Separation Lake, Snowshoe Lake, Trapline Lake, Trout Lake (Separation Lake area)
Provincial Parks: Woodland Caribou Wilderness Park
Regions: Kenora - Lake of the Woods Region
Address: Box 1220, Kenora, Ontario, Canada P9N 3X7

Map Showing the Location of our Facilities in Northern Ontario

Walsten Outpost Cabins
Snowshoe Lake
Nance Lake
Joe's Lake
Roger Lake
Trout Lake
Trapline Lake
Chase Lake
Separation Lake
McCusker Lake

Activities / Attractions

Fishing Trip: A fishing trip on one of our outpost lakes is an experience unto itself! Fly into Canadian fishing lakes in the Trophy Waters Conservation Area. Fly from Kenora north remote wilderness fishing.
Secluded Settings: Our outposts offer a secluded setting - own a Canadian lake for a week! Most of our outposts are fly-in. You can also drive into seclusion at Separation Rapids outpost or boat or fly-in to Confederation Lake.
Remote: If you want to experience the remoteness of the wilderness, a Walsten Outpost cabin is the place to go. Fly from Kenora, Ontario, Canada into the remote lakes north of the town. Some of the remote outposts are in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park.
Hunting Trips: Walsten Outposts specializes in moose and black bear hunting. We can provide you with the opportunity to bag some of the biggest bull moose and bear in Northern Ontario. A fly-in hunting trip ensures you will be in total wilderness.


Walleye: Walleye over 30 inches are not uncommon on our lakes. Canadian fly in walleye fishing is available at our outpost camps - At Snowshoe, Roger, Trout, Joe's, Trapline, Chase, Separation Rapids and Nance lakes.
Northern Pike: In past years, the largest northern pike landed in Ontario was caught in McCusker Lake - at one of our fly in fishing outposts. Fly out of Kenora to our 11 outpost camps that offer Ontario pike fishing.
Smallmouth Bass: Fly in fishing lakes for smallmouth bass are rare - we only have two. Go bass fishing at Trout Lake outpost and Roger Lake outpost. You can also fish for smallmouth at our drive in outpost on the English River System.
Perch: Fishing in one of our many lakes can offer many species of fish try your hand at catching perch. They are great tasting too for a shore lunch.
Whitefish: Fishing in Ontario at one of our many outposts the lakes are many species of fish to offer. White fish not common but fun to catch as well as smoking them, very tasty.
Muskie: Go muskie fishing at our Separation Rapids outpost camp on the English River System. While we mostly operate fly in fishing camps, you can drive to this camp, only 72 kms from Kenora, Ontario.
Lake Trout: The lake trout fishing is great! Fly in to our outpost lakes such as McCusker and Trout for some Canadian trout fishing.
Conservation Fishing: Conservation fishing is becoming more popular in our remote ontario lakes. We want your grandchildren to enjoy the same thrill fishing our remote lakes as you do today. We ask that you take a few for shore lunch, leave the main breeding stock.


Moose: Bull moose run big in this part of northern Ontario Guided moose hunting is one of our specialties! Fall Hunting is a complete American Plan or Housekeeping Package trip with flight to camp, boat, motors, gas, canoes, guides & all camp facilities.
Black Bear: Black bear hunting is available in the fall months in Northwestern Ontario. Our Fall Bear Hunt is a 7 Day Housekeeping Plan Trip - Includes accommodations, air fare, boats, motors, (no guides or food). Guaranteed active baits.

Marine Services

Boat Cache: Our outposts come with boats situated on the lakes. We have a variety of fish to catch at one of our outposts.


Outposts: We offer northern Ontario's finest fly in outposts - come and experience what outpost fishing was meant to be! Our fly-in fishing outpost camps have walleye, smallmouth bass, northern pike and lake trout.
Fly In Access: Our outposts are fly in only! We'll put you in a true wilderness setting with all the amenities of a drive in lodge. Experience a fly-in fishing trip or a fly-in hunting trip at Walsten's World Class Outpost Cabins.
Cottage Rentals: For a canadian fly in fishing vacation in Northwestern Onatario, rent a cottage along the shores of a wilderness lake - accessible by float plane aircraft only. We have 11 cottage rentals on 9 different lakes, such as Chase, Snowshoe, Nance or Trout.
Housekeeping Cabins: Our canadian fly in outposts are well constructed log housekeeping cabins, furnished for your comfort. Fully equipped with all utensils, dishes for cooking & eating, propane gas stove, refrigerator, lights,comfortable beds & posturepedic mattresses.
Cabin Rentals: Walsten Outpost Cabin Rentals are located on 9 different lakes in Sunset Country - fly in fishing at its finest. All cabins are located in the unique Trophy Waters Conservation Area.
Family Vacations: Take a canadian family vacation on a wilderness fishing trip in Northwest Ontario. Enjoy a family fishing adventure at a fly in outpost camp or at our drive in to outpost camp at Separation Rapids on the English River System.
Air Services: Air services: We have a fleet of turbine & piston aircraft to ensure quick departure to your outpost upon arrival at our dock in Kenora, Ontario, Canada. We also offer flightseeing - sightseeing from a float plane! View Lake of the Woods from the air
Drive In Access: If you don't like flying, you can drive in to our remote Canadian outpost on Separation Lake which is 45 miles north of Kenora. This cabin holds up to 10 fishermen. Fish for walleye, smallmouth bass, lake trout and muskie.
Pet Friendly: Walsten Outposts is a pets allowed fly in facility located in Northwestern Ontario. Enjoy the remote wilderness for your canadian family vacation.
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