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Lac Seul's Scout Lake Resort, McKenzie Bay & Confederation Lake Outposts

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Lac Seul's Scout Lake Resort, McKenzie Bay & Confederation Lake Outposts
Box 430, Ear Falls Ontario, Canada  P0V 1T0 Ph: 807-529-6126 or 807-466-7824 Fax: 807-529-6126
Email: Lizzy Walsten

Lac Seul's Scout Lake Resort has been family owned and operated for over 30 years. The resort is located on the Northwest end of Lac Seul. We offer American Plan, Light Housekeeping, Family Packages, Hunting Packages and Outpost Package. We have a boat in outpost on McKenzie Bay on Lac Seul and 2 fly in or boat in outposts cabins on Confederation Lake.

With thousands of inlets and bays in its 100 mile length, Lac Seul and good fishing mean the same thing when you talk about walleyes and northern. With never a portage, you can fish and explore new waters every day until you locate your favorite "hole". While the lake is big, the inlets and islands provide close contact with shore. Reedy bays and steep rock ledges will satisfy even the most ardent fisherman. Lac Seul contains an abundance of Walleye averaging 2 - 5 pounds with large trophy walleye caught throughout the season. Northerns will give you lots of excitement, with 4 - 10 pounders being "just a nice fish", and up to 30 pounds being possible, to provide a real thrill. You'll say "fishin's good on Lac Seul!"

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Lakes & Rivers: Confederation Lake, Lac Seul, Lac Seul/McKenzie Bay, Lac Seul/Northwest Section, Scout Lake

Regions: Ear Falls - Patricia Region, Patricia Region, Perrault Falls - Patricia Region

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