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Lake of the Woods Houseboats

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Lake of the Woods Houseboats
Lake of the Woods Houseboats
Box 179, Sioux Narrows Ontario, Canada  P0X 1N0 Ph: 807-226-5462 800-341-1048 Fax: 807-226-5157
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We opened for business in the Spring of 1977, filled with an enthusiasm of a bright future reinforced with pride in our equipment and a pledge to provide the best in service to our customers. Our love for and commitment to our operation has been rewarded by an impressive number of guests that return year after year.

As a family owned and operated business, our promise is to maintain this commitment to continued good service, to offer the finest equipment and to be able to provide our guests and friends, both old and new, with the best possible vacation experience. In our more than 25 years in the Houseboat Industry, we have learned that hospitality and service are more than words, they are a way of life.

Houseboating ideally provides all this and more! Once on board, you are the Captain... you set the pace as pleases you. Do it all, or do absolutely nothing. After all, it's your vacation.

Cruise carefree into ever changing wilderness beauty, anchor in complete undisturbed seclusion. Swim from clean sand beaches or your own deck, sunbathe in complete privacy, fish, hunt, water ski, canoe, explore, gather rocks, driftwood, artifacts, photograph wildlife, read, play cards or just enjoy a world renowned Canadian sunset.

Map Showing our Location in Northern Ontario

Smallmouth bass fishing - Lake of the Woods
Misty morning Lake of the Woods near Kenora
Canadian shield rocks on Lake of the Woods
Lake of the Woods walleye fishing
Canadian sunset on Lake of the Woods

Lakes & Rivers: Lake of the Woods, Long Bay - Lake of the Woods

Regions: Lake of the Woods Region, Sioux Narrows - Lake of the Woods Region

Nearest Towns: Sioux Narrows

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