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Towns and Cities, Northwestern Ontario, Canada

While many people visit Sunset Country for its great fishing and outdoor experiences, it's well worth the time to discover what our communities have to offer. Summer time is celebration time in Sunset Country. Canadian fishing trips to Eagle Lake Just about every community has one or more special events or festivals for you to enjoy. Canada Day celebrations are celebrated July 1st. Other major festivals you can attend include the Trout Forest Music Festival in Ear Falls, the Norseman Festival in Red Lake, Harbourfest in Kenora, the Blueberry Festival in Sioux Lookout, White Otter Days in Ignace, Moosefest in Dryden, Christmas in July in Sioux Narrows, Railroad Daze in Rainy River or the Vintage Car Show in Atikokan - just a few examples of special events that are happening.

See our Red Lake, Norseman Capital of the World! Special Events Page for more listings.

As you travel through our communities you won't want to miss the many interesting landmarks and attractions. There's Husky the Muskie in Kenora, Max the Moose in Dryden, the White Otter Castle south of Ignace, the lighthouse in Morson or Kenora's Heritage Townscape Murals. Several communities have local museums with artifacts and displays celebrating our interesting history. Egli's Sheep Farm, located near the small community of Minnitaki is a must see! If you're interested in history, then you can't miss going to the Kay-Nah-Chi-Wah-Nung Historical Centre near Stratton - an interpretive tour there will take you back thousands of years in time to experience the lifestyle and culture of this region's aboriginal people. There are plenty of attractions to see throughout Sunset Country so make sure you bring your camera.

Are you looking for more specific information on the town or city you plan to visit? Link to the Municipal websites as well as to the Local Tourist Organizations below or visit our website dedicated the towns and cities in Northwestern Ontario. The website is filled with information on attractions, activities, churches, accommodations, winter activities, fishing and hunting and more.

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There are 34 members showing in this page.

Perrault Falls Adventure Area [Website | Summary]
General Delivery Perrault Falls Ontario, Canada P0V 2K0
Tourism Dryden [Website | Summary]
284 Government Street Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2P3
807-223-2174 or 800-667-0935

Fort Frances Tourism Centre [Summary]
400 Central Avenue Fort Frances Ontario, Canada P9A 1Y8
Red Lake Publicity Board [Website | Summary]
Box 979 Red Lake Ontario, Canada P0V 2M0
807-727-3021 or 877-727-3021

Sioux Lookout Travel Information Centre/ Chamber of Commerce [Website | Summary]
Box 397, 11 First Avenue S. Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada P8T 1A8
Emo Museum - Rainy River District Women's Institute [Website | Summary]
Box 511, 21 Tyrell St. Emo Ontario, Canada P0W 1E0

Tourism Kenora [Website | Summary]
931 Lakeview Dr Kenora Ontario P9N 3P8
807-467-4637 or 800-535-4549
Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce [Website | Summary]
474 Scott St. Fort Frances Ontario, Canada P9A 1H2
807-274-5773 or 800-820-FORT

Morson Tourism Association [Website | Summary]
Box 73 Morson Ontario, Canada P0W 1J0
Tourism Thunder Bay - Terry Fox Information Centre [Website | Summary]
1000 Hwy 11/17 Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada P7A 0A1
807-983-2041 or 800-667-8386

Atikokan Chamber of Commerce [Website | Summary]
214 Main Street West Atikokan Ontario, Canada P0T 1C0
807-597-1599 or 888-334-2332
Ignace Regional Travel Centre [Website | Summary]
Box 248 Ignace Ontario, Canada P0T 1T0

Harbourfront Pavilion [Website | Summary]
Bernier Dr Kenora Ontario
807-467-4655 or 800-535-4549
Red Lake Regional Heritage Centre [Website | Summary]
PO Box 64 Red Lake Ontario, Canada P0V 2M0

Rainy River Future Development Corp. [Website | Summary]
601 Mowat Ave. Fort Frances Ontario, Canada P9A 1Z2
Patricia Regional Tourist Council [Website | Summary]
Box 66 Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2Y7
807-223-6792 or 800-465-7101

Township of Emo [Website | Summary]
Box 520 Emo Ontario, Canada P0W 1E0
Township of Dawson [Website | Summary]
PO Box 427 Rainy River Ontario, Canada P0W 1L0

Town of Rainy River [Website | Summary]
Box 488, 401 Atwood Ave. Rainy River Ontario, Canada P0W 1L0
Township of Ignace [Website | Summary]
Box 248 Ignace Ontario, Canada P0T 1T0

City of Kenora [Website | Summary]
1 Main Street South Kenora Ontario, Canada P9N 3X2
Corporation of the Municipality of Red Lake [Website | Summary]
Box 1000, 2 Fifth Street Balmertown Ontario, Canada P0V 1C0

Sioux Narrows/Nestor Falls Tourism [Website | Summary]
Box 417 Sioux Narrows Ontario, Canada P0X 1N0
807-226-5293 or 800-501-4430
Municipality of Sioux Lookout [Website | Summary]
PO Box 158, 25 Fifth Ave. Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada P8T 1A4

Township of Lake of the Woods [Website | Summary]
Box 427 Rainy River Ontario, Canada P0W 1L0
Township of Pickle Lake [Website | Summary]
Box 340, 2 Anne St. Pickle Lake Ontario, Canada P0V 3A0

Atikokan Economic Development Corporation [Website | Summary]
214 Main Street West Atikokan Ontario, Canada P0T 1C0
807-597-2757 or 888-334-2332
Township of Morley [Website | Summary]
Box 40 Stratton Ontario, Canada P0W 1N0

Municipality of Machin (Vermilion Bay) [Website | Summary]
Box 249, 75 Spruce Avenue Vermilion Bay Ontario, Canada P0V 2V0
TWP of Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls [Website | Summary]
Box 417 Sioux Narrows Ontario, Canada P0X 1N0

City of Dryden [Website | Summary]
30 Van Horne Avenue Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2A7
Town of Atikokan [Website | Summary]
Box 1330, 120 Mark St. Atikokan Ontario, Canada P0T 1C0

Township of Ear Falls [Website | Summary]
Box 309 Ear Falls Ontario, Canada P0V 1T0
Town of Fort Frances [Website | Summary]
Box 38 Fort Frances Ontario, Canada P9A 3M5

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