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Ontario Adventure Guide and Map

Use the links showing here to locate all members of our association with operations in or around White Otter Lake. Go ahead and start clicking your way to a wilderness adventures, vacations, and outdoor experiences that have few rivals in North America!

If you want additional information on Northwestern Ontario, the Sunset Country Travel Association produces a Free Travel Guide that includes a poster-sized map of the area showing the locations of Ontario accommodations. You can order your free copy here or call us toll free at 1-800-665-7567. Enjoy!

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Browns' Clearwater West Lodge/Barry Brown's Game Hunts [Website | Summary]
Browns' Clearwater West Lodge offers a Four Season Drive-In Wilderness Retreat adjacent to the Turtle River White Otter Wilderness Park. Being the only lodge for 10's of miles we know we can offer you a Vacation of a Lifetime. We offer a range of packages with Meals, Cottages, Boat-In Chalets, Po. ...
Inquiries: 807-597-2884 or Reservation Desk: 800-900-4240

Branch's Seine River Lodge Outfitters [Website | Summary]
Since 1932, our Canadian camp has been welcoming guests from around the world to enjoy what our amazing Canadian Shield Wilderness has to offer. Stay in one of our cozy LHK cabin rentals, or one of our newly renovated housekeeping cabins with all amenities. Our lodge is located in the c! ...
807-947-2391 or 866-443-4414

Marr's Perch Lake Lodge [Website | Summary]
Marr's Perch Lake Lodge has a wide variety of experiences to explore. We are situated on a chain of lakes, over 30 miles long, called the Seine River System in Northwestern Ontario. Our lakes feature several species (no need to trailer your boat elsewhere); walleye HUGE northern pike, WORLDCLAS> ...
807-597-1233 or 888-737-2455

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