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Discover our Lakes and Backcounty
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Pickerel Lake
Relaxing in the Shade

Pickerel Lake is about 3 miles long with three fingers about 1 mile in length each. We are the only commercial operation on the lake. The lake is gin clear with a sandy bottom and parts of the lake have a cobblestone on the bottom. There are three creeks that drain into the lake and one larger outflowing creek. There is a spot on the lake that is 100 feet deep. There are a few underwater humps and quite a few weed pockets. There are walleye, pike, jumbo perch and smallmouth bass. Contributor: Canada Outfitters
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If you want additional information on Northwestern Ontario, the Sunset Country Travel Association produces a Free Travel Guide that includes a poster-sized map of the area showing the locations of Ontario accommodations. You can order your free copy here or call us toll free at 1-800-665-7567. Enjoy!

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Discover our Lakes and Backcounty
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