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Lake of the Woods

Today Ontario's vast Lake of the Woods is one of the finest multi-species fishing resources in North America. Strong words but accurate! Walleye resources are in excellent numbers and size due largely to progressive management that protects larger fish and encourages anglers to harvest fish less than 18 inches. The muskie resource is unparalleled and thought by manyOutdoor travel on Lake of the Woods in Canada to be the finest on the continent - both for numbers and 30-pound class trophies. The recent imposition of a "world record class" size limit of 54 inches will continue to enhance this fishery.The northern pike resource is dramatically improving under a slot size limit that mandates release of prime adults, and fish on the threshold of the magic 40-inch range. Smallmouth bass are widespread throughout all of the lake basins and thriving under a catch-and-release season that protects vulnerable spawning adults. And we haven't even mentioned the superb sauger, crappie and yellow perch fisheries. Clearly, Lake of the Woods has it all!
Ontario Adventure Guide and Map

Use the links showing here to locate all members of our association with operations in or around Lake of the Woods. Go ahead and start clicking your way to a wilderness adventures, vacations, and outdoor experiences that have few rivals in North America!

If you want additional information on Northwestern Ontario, the Sunset Country Travel Association produces a Free Travel Guide that includes a poster-sized map of the area showing the locations of Ontario accommodations. You can order your free copy here or call us toll free at 1-800-665-7567. Enjoy!

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Aulneau Peninsula [1]Big Narrows [1]Clearwater Bay [1]
Labyrinth Bay [1]Long Bay [5]Miles Bay [2]
Regina Bay [4]Sabaskong Bay [10]Snake Bay [4]
South Narrow [1]Steven's Bay [4]Whitefish Bay [9]
Witch Bay [1]
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All-Canadian Totem Resorts [Website | Summary]
Come enjoy the rustic beauty of Totem Lodge, nestled in amongst the majestic pine trees and sparkling lake. Located on Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada. Whether it's a quaint log cabin or an executive chalet, our accommodations are first class in every detail - and it shows! We're the only lodge ...
807-226-5275 or 800-66TOTEM

Houseboat Adventures [Website | Summary]
Lake of the Woods is a fascinating maze of islands, channels, bays and coves. With Houseboat Adventures you can discover your own secluded beach to swim and relax, fish or explore. You are away from everything but the plop of a fishing line or the call of a loon. Over the years we have welcomed gro. ...
800-253-6672 or 800-253-6672

Harris Hill Resort - Lake of the Woods [Website | Summary]
Harris Hill Resort is open year round and is located on the shores of Lake of the Woods, only 18 miles from Baudette, MN. This Ontario resort is between the towns of Rainy River & Morson Ontario. Enjoy some of the best Ontario fishing & Lake of the Woods ice fishing for Walleye, Muskie or Mus. ...
807-488-1116 or 855-488-1116

Young's Wilderness Camp [Website | Summary]
Young’s Wilderness Camp is a traditional, family owned, fishing and hunting resort that appeals to those who are looking for a quiet getaway. Our base camp is located on a 5½ acre private island on Steven’s Bay, on the southeastern side of Lake of the Woods, just north of Nestor Falls, Ontario. ...

Lake of the Woods Houseboats [Website | Summary]
We opened for business in the Spring of 1977, filled with an enthusiasm of a bright future reinforced with pride in our equipment and a pledge to provide the best in service to our customers. Our love for and commitment to our operation has been rewarded by an impressive number of gue. ...
807-226-5462 or 800-341-1048

Hanson's King Island Lodge [Website | Summary]
Located on an Island in Sabaskong Bay on Lake of the Woods a 12 mile boat ride from Nestor Falls, Ontario, Canada, King Island Lodge offers both deluxe housekeeping cabins and full-service American Plan vacation packages.American Plan Packages: Includes: All meals, comforta) ...

Whitefish Bay Camp [Website | Summary]
Recreation, beauty, hospitality and serenity in the heart of Lake of the Woods... Get reconnected to the peace of mind we were intended to have! This is Canada's premiere fishing camp, with moose hunting and More! The Lake of the Woods has always been a renowned fishing l! ...
807-226-1211 or 877-226-1211

Tomahawk Resort [Website | Summary]
Welcome to Tomahawk Resort! Tomahawk is a full service resort with something for everyone. Located in a wilderness vacation paradise on beautiful Lake of the Woods at Sioux Narrows. Treat yourself to Five-Star quality accommodations in Lakefront Cottages or on a fully-equipped delt ...
807-226-5622 or 800-465-1091

Shoal Lake Lodge [Website | Summary]
Experience your next Canadian vacation at Shoal Lake Lodge. Lake of the Woods has over 100 Lodges and Resorts. Shoal Lake has one. Us! Shoal Lake is a large clear island studded Lake extending from Lake of the Woods via Ash Rapids and Labryth Bay to the North West. It is approxima. ...

Crow Rock Lodge [Website | Summary]
CROW ROCK - the great Canadian fishing experience THREE GREAT VACATION CHOICES! Crow Rock Lodge- Boat-in island lodge on famous Lake of the Woods. Sunset Point & Cloverleaf Island- Private Island Chalet's on Lake of the Woods. Rowdy Lake Camp- Exclusive Fly- In camp for trop* ...
807-543-4001 or 800-547-FISH (3474)

Crawford's Camp [Website | Summary]
We extend a warm Canadian welcome to you from Beautiful Whitefish Bay on Lake of the Woods. Our Business is Your Fishing Pleasure! Crawford's has been a family run business since 1978. Millie and Matt welcome you! "Each year we enjoy seeing our guests return. We do our best to ...
807-226-5646 or 888-266-3474

Ontario Wilderness Houseboat Rental [Website | Summary]
Our Ontario Wilderness Houseboat base is located at Gill's Morson Marina on Hanson Bay on pristine Lake of the Woods. If you haven’t already, you can purchase fishing licences and equipment, bait, souvenirs, and last minute items on site at the Marina. Only 35 miles from the US border, you’re just> ...
807-488-5594 or 800-359-6199

Pipestone Point Resort [Website | Summary]
Welcome to Pipestone Point Resort. A wilderness retreat on Canada's Lake of the Woods. Pipestone Point Resort is surrounded by some of the greatest hunting and fishing in Northwestern Ontario. These waters are teaming with Walleye, Bass, Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Muskie. Situa> ...

Witch Bay Canadian Camps Ltd. [Website | Summary]
Witch Bay Camp is run as a fishing lodge for those who want to get away from heavy boat traffic and water skiers while they are fishing and relaxing. We're located on the vast Lake of the Woods, featuring over 65,000 miles of shoreline. Our bay is seven miles long, varies in width, with many protec. ...

Super 8 Motel - Kenora [Website | Summary]
Super 8 Kenora is the newest motel in Kenora boasting clean and friendly guest rooms and superior front desk customer service. We are situated on Tunnel Island on Highway 17 coming in to Kenora. Lake of the Woods is directly across the street. There are numerous beaches within a 5-10 minute drive f. ...
807-468-8016 or 800-800-8000

Duck Bay Lodge [Website | Summary]
There is a reason Canada is known for its premium fishing - and you can come see for yourself at Duck Bay Lodge! Set in the southeastern corner of Lake of the Woods, on an unspoiled 600-acre island, our remote Ontario fishing lodge makes the perfect location for your Canadian fishing . ...

Lakeview Lodge [Website | Summary]
Nestled on the shore of beautiful Kakagi (Crow) Lake. Lakeview Lodge is your four-season vacation destination. Whether it's fishing, hunting or just relaxing in a beautiful wilderness setting that you're seeking, you will find it here. Crow Lake, with its spring-fed, crystal clear water, offers Wor. ...

Rex Tolton's Miles Bay Camp [Website | Summary]
Rex Tolton's Miles Bay Camp has been family owned and operated for over 50 years. We are located on a 50 acre island in Miles Bay on beautiful Lake of the Woods, 13 miles north of Morson, Ontario. We have 8 lakefront housekeeping cabins. Each cabin has a private outdoor toilet, BBQ. ...

The Sanctuary Resort [Website | Summary]
Located in the center of excellent MUSKIE fishing As well as GOOD FISHING for northern pike, lake trout, bass, and good sized walleye. We also offer ECOTOURS that come complete with an authentic CANADIAN SHORE LUNCH for your enjoyment. The SANCTUARY RESORT has been serving guests for well over 50 y ...

Helliar's Resort Ltd. [Website | Summary]
Welcome to Helliar's Resort. We are located in Nestor Falls on the shores of Sabaskong Bay on incredible Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada. The lake has over 14,000 islands, 65,000 miles of shoreline and is probably the best all-around freshwater fishing lake in North America. Venture out on the w ...

Smith Camps and Old Pilots Pub [Website | Summary]
At Smith Camps, you and your family or friends will enjoy a canadian vacation in one of the most pristine settings anywhere. Our Camp is set on a quiet bay on one of the best fishing lakes anywhere in the world, Lake of the Woods where you will enjoy fantastic fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike, M ...
807-548-5764 or 888-416-6628

Arrowhead Resort & Motel [Website | Summary]
Get away from it all and join a peaceful stay at Arrowhead Resort & Motel! We’re located just one hour’s drive north of the Canadian border, nestled along the beautiful shores of Crooked Pine Lake in Nestor Falls, Ontario. Whether you find yourself at the beach, enjoying the brea! ...

Muskie Bay Resort [Website | Summary]
Muskie Bay Resort is a four season resort on the pristine, gin clear, beautiful Crow Lake. With four other remote lakes available and access to Lake of the Woods, you have many opportunities for a trophy fish for all species in the summer or in the winter through the ice. We have beautiful modern . ...
807-484-2332 or 877-228-2076

Indianhead Lodge [Website | Summary]
Lake of the Woods has over 14,000 islands and 65,000 miles of shoreline. You can access this incredible body of water from our modern lodge located right on the lake. Our remote, family-run resort offers a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. We provide a wide range of activities and services and host> ...
807-226-5558 or 800-954-8246

Lebron's Long Bay Camp [Website | Summary]
Lebron's Long Bay Camp is a smaller resort where you'll be met and served by the owners and that personal touch will remain evident throughout your stay. Our location is secluded and in the midst of prime fishing and hunting areas on Lake of the Woods in Ontario, Canada. This is a wor! ...
807-226-5620 or 800-890-4487

White Pine Lodge [Website | Summary]
White Pine Lodge is a drive-in resort located on a four acre peninsula on Snake Bay, Lake of the Woods, Sioux Narrows, Ontario, Canada. We offer both housekeeping and American Plan vacation packages in modernized cabins nestled in the shadows of giant white pines. Combining light housekeeping an! ...
807-226-5267 or 877-325-4274

Aulneau Peninsula Outpost Fish & Hunt [Website | Summary]
First Nation Guide Service is your hunting and fishing outfitter, with lodging 4 miles north of the Morson Government dock. We are based in Nestor Falls, Ontario in beautiful Sunset Country. A fishing vacation on Lake Of The Wood, Crow Lake and several portage lakes, is where you will fish for musk. ...

Lake of the Woods Lodge [Website | Summary]
Lake of the Woods Lodge is located on a 35 acre private island, only 5 miles from Nestor Falls, Ontario, in gorgeous Sabaskong Bay. Your 10 minute boat ride (which we will provide at no extra charge) to the Island is a treat in itself, you're sure to love the beautiful scenery as you travel through. ...
807-484-2686 or 888-484-2686

Ballard's Black Island Resort [Website | Summary]
Black Island Resort on Lake of the Woods near Morson, Ontario is your Ontario fishing destination. You are on a private island in the Canadian wilderness, whether you are looking for great walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, muskie or Lake Trout you will find it all within close range of our i. ...

Floating Lodges of Sioux Narrows [Website | Summary]
Lake of the Woods has 65,000 miles of beautiful wooded, rocky shoreline. It's clear waters are dotted with many bays, inlets and 14,500 islands which offer you protection and tranquility. The area is sparsely populated. These elements combine to make this a perfect lake . ...
807-226-5476 or 800-743-5171

Portage Lodge [Website | Summary]
807-548-5156 or 800-565-6474

Red Wing Lodge [Website | Summary]
807-488-5601 or 888-488-5601

The Falls in Nestor Falls [Summary]

Halverson's Camp [Website | Summary]

Township of Lake of the Woods [Website | Summary]

Consumers Frosted Foods Ltd. [Summary]
807-468-8995 or 800-461-8995

M.S. Kenora [Website | Summary]

Wiley Point Lodge [Website | Summary]
807-226-5275 or 800-66TOTEM

Northwoods Realty Ltd. [Website | Summary]

Lake of the Woods Discovery Centre [Website | Summary]

Tyc's Blindfold Lake Resort [Website | Summary]

Whitecap Pavilion [Summary]

Anicinabe Park [Website | Summary]

Green Adventures [Website | Summary]

Kenora Airport Authority Inc. [Website | Summary]
807-548-5377 or 888-640-0445

TWP of Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls [Website | Summary]

Yellowbird Lodge and Chalet [Website | Summary]
807-226-5275 or 800-66TOTEM

Mead's Spruce Island Camp Ltd. [Website | Summary]

Kenora Air and Outposts [Website | Summary]

Lake-Vu Motel [Website | Summary]

Gustafson's Resort [Website | Summary]

Buena Vista Resort [Website | Summary]
807-488-5652 or 800-465-6201

Morson Tourism Association [Website | Summary]

Sioux Narrows/Nestor Falls Tourism [Website | Summary]
807-226-5293 or 800-501-4430

MacKenzie Lodge [Website | Summary]

City of Kenora [Website | Summary]

Anicinabe RV Park & Campground [Website | Summary]
807-467-2700 or 877-318-2267

Tourism Kenora [Website | Summary]
807-467-4637 or 800-535-4549

Primmer's Camp [Summary]

Lakeview Lookout [Summary]

Jeff Gustafson Outdoors [Website | Summary]

New Moon Lodge [Website | Summary]

Crystal Harbour Resort Hotel [Website | Summary]
807-226-5233 or 888-589-6056

Winkler Harbourfront Park [Website | Summary]

Mylie's Place Resort [Website | Summary]
807-488-5616 or 866-395-3449

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