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Places to go in Sunset Country, Ontario, Canada

At 100.000 square kilometers (or 60,000 square miles), Ontario's Sunset Country is larger than many countries. Our travel region occupies all of northwestern Ontario from Thunder Bay west to the Manitoba border. In this area are 100,000 lakes, rivers and streams and about 70,000 of those are fishable. The region is covered by vast tracts of Northern Boreal Forest which is populated with a wide variety of birds and wildlife. Tourist information for Northwestern ontarioNature is the primary attraction in the region as it is every where - even when you visit a town or city it seems the lake is right there and so is everything that is a part of that.

3 Major Destination Sub-Regions

Because Sunset Country is so large we have broken it down into 3 major destination sub-regions and they are: The Patricia Region covering the entire area north of Trans-Canada Highway 17; The Rainy River Region which starts at the Canada/US border and goes north up to Highway 17 (but excluding the Lake of the Woods); and (you guessed it) The Lake of the Woods Region which includes the towns and cities ringing the lake on the Canadian side of the border and up north and along the Winnipeg River System to Minaki. Each region offers you beautiful landscapes, freshwater lakes, great fishing, hunting, family resorts and lodges. There are also some great urban destinations you can visit with many things to see and do. The map below gives you an overview of the travel region and shows the major town and city destinations in northwestern Ontario.

Destination Communities Map - Sunset Country

Within the three sub-regions are many small Northwestern Ontario towns and cities that offer great shopping, restaurants and activities and attractions. On a rainy day at the campsite or at the cabin, venture into town for a change of scenery. There are services available if you need them as well. Restock your groceries, your beverage supply or fishing tackle. Local merchants offer unique products and a friendly smile.
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